This week end I went Home. Home as in the place where all my "old" stuff is stored and where I'm still a little bear cub instead of a working adult bear.

Since I was spared all the responsibilities of an adult I suddenly found myself with a lot of spare time on my hands and what else to do than...rummage through the past?

So it happens I found safely stored some of my old drawings, some as old as 15 years, when i was still in elementary school!

I found them to be very inspiring, amusing and interesting.

Inspiring because it seems I had more determination before. I wanted to get shit done and I did it!

Don't get me wrong, I was still the biggest critic of my work, but I wasn't as harsh back then. It seems this made me do more drawings and only after deciding if I liked the outcome or not.

Now it's the other way around: I don't do anything because it never makes it out of my mind, or, better said, I decide it's not worth drawing because I'm not happy with what could come out. So stupid.

Amusing...well, they are funny! They're silly, they're horrible, they're the drawings of a child and of an angsty teenager.
As one of my reviewing comments kindly noted on one of them rightly put it:

Interesting because I can clearly see how I've changed. How my approach to a certain subject has changed, how my style has transformed.

I have taken pictures of some of the drawings and collected them in a public album, here, should you wish to see more then the published samples.

Thanks for looking and enjoy!

From the times I only had three tubes of paint: Red, Blue and White.

(some many years ago I dreamed of becoming a fashion designer. I apologise in advance for everyone that will be horrified by my stylish endeavors :)

I saved the oldest for last.

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