Semn de carte / Bookmark (den tredje vågen)

Golden eyes!

Well this took a log time...

Allow me to introduce to you Miss Tangerine.

Miss Tangerine here is a fox. She had to have a proper name because if all foxes called themselves Miss/Mrs. Fox then we wouldn't know cub from cunning little vixen, no? So obviously foxes have proper names too. It's usually something relating to orange though, so it's quite easy to guess one's name.

Miss Tangerine is somewhat of a hippie: she enjoys ginger tea and almond biscuits as well as long debates about environment preservation. She's a bit of a fox-ist, forest-ist and bicyclist.

She's also a lesson learned: never use watercolours for bookmarks. They're sticky :(

Miss Tangerine was inspired by and is dedicated to a few people I know, who lately have been hard at work promoting and fighting for a certain mayor major cause.

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