WIDT - 10.10.2012

I somehow get the feeling I've lost sight of what What I Drew Today means (to me).

The first and most important evidence being that there aren't many 'todays' but only 'some days' and that was not the point.

The point was
1) I draw every day
2) I draw any thing and any way because the most important thing is 1)

So today I drew. Unfortunately (for my ego) I didn't draw something I'd normally share with you.

Buuut, I'll do it none the less because that is what I drew today and lessons can be learned and hopefully not forgotten.

Today I drew an owl. I've drawn it over bookpage clippings smeared with acrylics. I've used acrylics, watercolours, markers and ballpoint pen.

I really liked the idea of having a "constructed" background as opposed to a "created" one and I really, really wanted to draw something nice and perfect.

I wanted to call it The Literate Owl and she would have said something like "Read more books!" or "Reading is fun!" but then I slapped on that horrible blend of sage green, orange and corral red and it became Poopy Owl.

Poopy Owl is in a bit of a shock, she didn't know there's such a huge burden as educating the masses on her tiny shoulders. She didn't ask to be the poster girl for smart, quirky, hip phrases.

And so, putting together her little story I think I started to kind of like Poopy Owl. I think I'd like to have her over for a coffee and some apple cake and talk about how hard it is to fill in some big shoes.

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