The Popular Bear (number Brown)

I guess Facebook has made me lazy, really really lazy. When it comes to blogging. Just like people can't be bothered to comment a cool doodle, dude! or high five, bear! or nice drawing you have there, I can't be bothered to write a wall of text. I guess it's the times, the times we're living in...

And apparently, in these hard lazy times the fact that cats are more popular than ...well, anything really, is so very much real. Just like laziness is real, a real illness.  And the fact that cats are lazy, it only adds up to the value of truth of my argument.

But you know what? I'm here to change your opinion World! I'm here to prove you wrong.

After all this philosophising, you'd think I'm about to hit you with a philoso-[...], but no. I'm not going to do that, I'm not that obvious. I'm going to hit you with ...

The Popular Bear

There's a number of popular bears out there, and this particular one comes in number Brown.

He's lazy, he's cute, he's much much larger than a cat (more to love!), you don't have to scoop out its poop (yeah, I know about that cats!) and he has adorned himself with all these wonderful folk motifs, because yeah, I've cheated a bit, I've made a little pun (for the Romanian language connoisseurs).

So I guess I'll let you study him a bit (I do very much apologize for the crap quality photos, I've forgotten how bad they turn out) and maybe well, I don't know...

He'll also be available for sale, in that dashing black frame, together with the other "for sale" drawings I've made.

Oh, I almost forgot: watercolours, ink and that's about it!

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