Holiday cards

and now for something completely different: this year's Christmas cards!

I don't usually do Christmas cards - as in I don't make them myself and I don't give/send them either, but I guess everything must start somewhere...

It all started with the white bear on the red cardstock paper. It looked very peaceful and content, pretty much how the Holidays should feel (IMO).

I changed the paper and put him on watercolour paper, so the cardstock can actually fulfill its function: being the base for the card. Coloured in with watercolour pencils, outlined the important parts with a liner, added some embellishments with thread, sticky dots and white gel pen...and we're done!

Maybe next year I'll actually think ahead and have some of these ready and in the shop before the holidays. Maybe.

There's also a loot of space for improvement: positioning, materials, overall look. But, for my first Holiday cards I think they're fine.

the "green" bear

the "red" bear

the "blue" Christmas tree

the "red" Christmas tree

this one went to my brother; I kept it simple :) only collage, coloured pencil and gel pen

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