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Random Sequence Generator

Wee heee, and it's over! Comments are now closed on the giveaway post. Life can now resume its course people!

To say I'm underwhelmed is an overstatement. (been polishing the sentence in the shower this morning, bear with me :) 

Well I don't know if I've done this right, this is my first giveaway and it was more difficult than I thought because this morning I realized I have no idea how to pick the winner: the old pieces of paper in a hat trick? choose a random number? but I have a second place too, what about that one? and there are only three comments... what do other people do? They use, of course.

I chose to generate a random sequence because I don't know how I would have chosen between the remaining comments then, for second place.

The random generator didn't really go through much trouble as you can see, maybe it was too early for it to pick up on the "atmospheric noise" - probably everyone was sleeping in its part of the world?

The numbers were assigned in the chronological order of the comments so it goes like this:

1 - bubblespark-stoe
2 - melliw
3 - abigail smycken 

Thank you to everyone who participated and congratulations to the winners!

First place: no.3 (abigail smycken)
Second place: no.2 (melliw)

We have some exotic drinks right there, I believe a visit to the tea store is in order because I now feel I've been missing on some really great experiences.

Yeah, long story short: please send me an e-mail at with your physical address so I can mail the prizes, and from the second place winner I would also need a colour option for the cat face :)

..și s-a terminaaat! Cred că acesta a fost cel mai lung concurs din istoria concursurilor care nu-ți cer să faci mare lucru.

Vreau să mulțumesc celor trei persoane care s-au deranjat să comenteze - mi-ați făcut poftă cu toate aromele îmbietoare menționate, cred că este timpul să mă aprovizionez cu ceai! Și lapte :)

Am ales să asignez câte o cifră fiecărui comentariu introdus, în ordine cronologică, și apoi să folosesc generatorul de secvențe de pe

Am ales varianta cu secvența pentru că nu știam cum să aleg locul 2, după ce aș fi scos numărul de pe locul 1, dacă foloseam random number - are sens? Sper că da.

Felicitări câștigătorilor!

3 - abigail smycken 
2 - melliw

Vă rog să-mi trimiteți un e-mail pe adresa cu adresa voastră de corespondență și în cazul locului 2 (melliw) cu opțiunea de culoare pentru broșă.

Gata! La treabă acum.

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