WIDT - 19-25.02.2017

I am a bit behind with posting updates to my daily doodles project. Two whole weeks behind.

The rule (I made up) was that I photograph and post the doodles in the first or second day of the following week:
1. because I want to have them all captured with the same light (yes, I photograph my drawings, I do not scan them)
2. it takes a lot of time (couple of hours) and, since it usually happens on a Sunday, time is slow and laziness abundant.

But rules are made to be broken, right? Right! Queue in real life priorities.

Aaaanyways, week 8! Week 8 is all about fineliner and some coloured pencils to take the pressure away and concentrate it in one spot.

On Sunday (remember? lazy?) we start off with thin leaves and ethereal owlflies


so we can just go full vegetation and morning mist on a Monday morning


and, honestly, things can only go up from here, right?


Right. But you have to be some special (not in the good kind of way) type of person to think that the higher the better. Good things also happen at bush level,


both for the little ones and the large ones. Goodness does not discriminate.


You can find it everywhere, both in the great outdoors, but also in the littlest of dwellings


So why don't we just celebrate it more often?


The end :)

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