WIDTW - 26.02 - 04.03.2017

👆 That would be What I Drew This Week, folks!

Week 9, oh week 9! Such a sweet week but oh so stressful. I had very very little time for my drawing project, so no inking, no painting, just raw, simple pencil sketches.

I've also got a new sketchbook. It's less practical than the old one, but for now I'll just see it as a challenge to make something proper good out of it.

Sunday Funday! Lies. Too little sleep, horrible weather (gloomy and wet and cold), loosing what was left of my soul and hopes in a marathon groceries shopping. Horrible, just horrible.

057 & 058

So why not light up the mood with some bright orange?! Yeah? Yeaaah!!! I really went full detail on this one, leaves and that dog's fur, paying attention to the rain drops direction ...all in!

I had dreams, big dreams! Like two days big, since on Monday I gathered up the power to do it again: coloured pencils, trees and leaves, little dudes in weird (to draw) positions.

But ten Tuesday hits


And little dude with GooseDuck is all I can do. When in doubt, goose it up! I always say. You can quote me on that, you have my permission.

Being busy means not only no time for doodles but no time for walks in the park either. Why would I want to go in the park, you ask? Well, because Snowdrops hunting, that's why!


No first of March without Snowdrops. Except, first of March 2017 I guess. Does them being on paper count?

061 & 062
I don't really know. Why don't we ask the merry bunch of dudes I drew on the 2nd? They seem pretty keen on a good debate. (The little lamb wanna be is my favourite!)

All talk and work and no fun and no play makes me a tired bear. I know it's spring now but on Friday I'd have to ask: why don't we sleep a little bit more? Just a tiny bit. 


Fine, cuddles work too.

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