WIDTW - 5-11.03.2017

I quite like this weekly posting, it sure gets things out the door quickly (if you know what I mean).

Week 10, also known as the week between the 5th and 11th of March, was a fun week. Fun and scary! Fun because I got to properly draw last week's sketches and scary because ..I used colour!
Now, I know you know me so it won't come as a surprise when I say "Colour isn't my strength". I mean, I do get it right most of the time I'm using it, but by no means does it come naturally, it doesn't just flow out of the image for me; oftentimes it's a tried and tested palette. That might be the reason I retreat in the safety of line drawing so often.

Aaaaanyways, this week was great: I got to draw postcards and send them to people by snail-mail. How awesome is that?! Quite, I say.

Sunday: Dreaming of Spring.
Boy, will these two get a biiig surprise when they wake up! Ha ha ha. Ha!


Monday: Snowdrops Hunting - an activity I engaged in the previous day, with no success.


Tuesday: Still Dreamig of Spring.
I must admit, unashamed, I have a soft spot for the little dude and the little bear. Can you blame me?

Wednesday: The Rumour.
There's hearsay about sunny times, warmer weather and green and flowers and birds. Ah, yes, I guess one can call that Spring time. I myself wouldn't know.


Thursday: Spring Returns.
And with it good friends! As a matter of fact it was a stinky rainy day, overcast and gloomy. Just saying, not complaining, just matter-of-fact-y, you know.

Friday: Old Friends, Old Dreams.
It's DuckGoose! You didn't think I'd skip this one, did you?


Saturday: Curious Red.
A very special tomcat for a very special gentleman.


And that about wraps it up!

Which one do you think is my favourite?

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