One Less Than Ten, One More Than Eight

Ieri Bicicleta Albastră a împlinit nouă ani.

Am sărbătorit in private, doar eu cu mine.

Mă gândesc destul de des la spațiul acesta, la cele care au fost sau cele care încă sunt, dar în care nu mă simt în largul meu să îmi public gândurile - colorate sau nu.
La o primă privire simt nemulțumire, desigur, Oh, ce am ajuns! Dacă aș depune puțin mai mult efort...


Dar apoi, după ce trec de straturile de vină, frustrare, plângere de milă, mai multă vină, îmi dau seama că nu, nu este așa de rău. Ba e chiar bine. Totul este exact așa cum ar trebui să fie, it's the real deal.
Și care este această realitate? Realitatea este că sunt leneș. Sunt un Urs Leneș, nu un Urs Poet.

Să mă descriu ca Poet este de fapt un fel boem (părerea mea) de a spune Lumii că eu nu respect regulile bunului simț, regulile așternute de noi și cei de dinaintea noastră ca fundație a societății.

Pe la acest paragraf ar trebui să trag o concluzie, ceva revelator care să ne țină treji cu nopțile în timp ce răsucim cuvintele pe o parte și pe alta. Dar nu am o astfel de concluzie. Țin doar sa menționez că și la anul pe vremea aceasta voi posta, chiar daca va fi singura postare din an, pentru că na, asta e realitatea.

Cu drag,
Ursul Poet de la Bicicleta Albastră



WIDTW - 5-11.03.2017

I quite like this weekly posting, it sure gets things out the door quickly (if you know what I mean).

Week 10, also known as the week between the 5th and 11th of March, was a fun week. Fun and scary! Fun because I got to properly draw last week's sketches and scary because ..I used colour!
Now, I know you know me so it won't come as a surprise when I say "Colour isn't my strength". I mean, I do get it right most of the time I'm using it, but by no means does it come naturally, it doesn't just flow out of the image for me; oftentimes it's a tried and tested palette. That might be the reason I retreat in the safety of line drawing so often.

Aaaaanyways, this week was great: I got to draw postcards and send them to people by snail-mail. How awesome is that?! Quite, I say.

Sunday: Dreaming of Spring.
Boy, will these two get a biiig surprise when they wake up! Ha ha ha. Ha!


Monday: Snowdrops Hunting - an activity I engaged in the previous day, with no success.


Tuesday: Still Dreamig of Spring.
I must admit, unashamed, I have a soft spot for the little dude and the little bear. Can you blame me?

Wednesday: The Rumour.
There's hearsay about sunny times, warmer weather and green and flowers and birds. Ah, yes, I guess one can call that Spring time. I myself wouldn't know.


Thursday: Spring Returns.
And with it good friends! As a matter of fact it was a stinky rainy day, overcast and gloomy. Just saying, not complaining, just matter-of-fact-y, you know.

Friday: Old Friends, Old Dreams.
It's DuckGoose! You didn't think I'd skip this one, did you?


Saturday: Curious Red.
A very special tomcat for a very special gentleman.


And that about wraps it up!

Which one do you think is my favourite?


WIDTW - 26.02 - 04.03.2017

👆 That would be What I Drew This Week, folks!

Week 9, oh week 9! Such a sweet week but oh so stressful. I had very very little time for my drawing project, so no inking, no painting, just raw, simple pencil sketches.

I've also got a new sketchbook. It's less practical than the old one, but for now I'll just see it as a challenge to make something proper good out of it.

Sunday Funday! Lies. Too little sleep, horrible weather (gloomy and wet and cold), loosing what was left of my soul and hopes in a marathon groceries shopping. Horrible, just horrible.

057 & 058


WIDT - 19-25.02.2017

I am a bit behind with posting updates to my daily doodles project. Two whole weeks behind.

The rule (I made up) was that I photograph and post the doodles in the first or second day of the following week:
1. because I want to have them all captured with the same light (yes, I photograph my drawings, I do not scan them)
2. it takes a lot of time (couple of hours) and, since it usually happens on a Sunday, time is slow and laziness abundant.

But rules are made to be broken, right? Right! Queue in real life priorities.

Aaaanyways, week 8! Week 8 is all about fineliner and some coloured pencils to take the pressure away and concentrate it in one spot.

On Sunday (remember? lazy?) we start off with thin leaves and ethereal owlflies



WIDT - 16.02.2017


Was feeling quite sad about this, because it had nothing. Nothing.
Then I remembered the gel pen and metallic markers and wow! did that make a difference or what!?