Portfolio (side 1 - Winter)

Lately I've found myself in need of a portfolio.

With all the weekly workshops and drawings that gather up as we progress, it becomes more and more difficult to just pick up the sheets and go. Not to mention some people* don't like rolled up drawings...

The logical and normal action would have been to just buy myself one. It costs only about 10 euros and it's as cheaply made as the price. Thing is, even 10 euros seems too much for my doodles, they're not worthy. So what do I do? I buy a biiiig, huuuuge piece of cardboard, cut it in half, fold it, attach some rope/laces/ribbon as handles voilà! Hand made portfolio :)

I just couldn't let it blank though, I just had to draw a little something-something to show it belongs to me.

That little something-something turned into a biiiig project though, and when I say big I mean the drawn surface, so here I am, procrastinating from my workshop homework and happily doing anything else.

The theme for my portfolios (there will be two of them, 4 sides) is the Changing of the Seasons.

Changing of the Seasons is the fourth studio album by Norwegian singer-songwriter Ane Brun (says Wikipedia) and lately the title track has become a favourite of mine.

The lyrics go something like this...

"It´s the changing of the seasons 
He says 'I need them'
I guess I'm too Scandinavian 
The relief of spring 
Intoxication of summer rain 
The clearness of fall 
How winter makes me reconsider it all "

The lines describing each season will have a panel of their own.

I only have clear ideas about two seasons, Winter and Summer, so that's what I've set to produce.
The first one finished is ...Winter!

Portfolio - side Winter

Yes, yes, that's the Snow Queen herself.

I've recently seen again the beautiful Russian animation film and re-read the story and I've thought about her and the way people perceive her and ...maybe it's just a case of the Dawn Fairy all over again! Maybe we should reconsider her, maybe...

So yeah, I've had these desires about blocks of strong colours, and no contours and just something that makes me think of the future as it was seen in the '70s and cartoons and comics and the folklore and little books of animated Russian I made the Snow Queen.

The original plan was to make an illustration out of her but after two failed attempts I'm still testing mediums, so we'll see how that works.

For now, I'm quite pleased with the result on cardboard. It still needs a layer of varnish and it will be ready to challenge the inquisitive eyes. What do you think?

* not me, my lazy self is perfectly fine with them

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