Portfolio (side 3 - Summer)

Continuing with my drawing on a large scale adventures ...Summer is here!

Before I let you get intoxicated by the summer rain I just want to add a few words about the mediums I used, because they're like special this time, you know?

So we have a new first here on The Blue Bicycle: gouache! I have never used gouache before, quite obviously since I'm not I wasn't a big fan of watercolours and gouache to me it's pretty much like watercolours: it needs water, man! water.

(Should you be wondering, I don't usually dilute my acrylics, I just use them straight out of the tube because I want to get texture and 3D effects and when the paint is thicker, it's easier. So that's why I make such a big fuss about water :)

So these gouache paints are the cheapest I could find, from the supermarket, a limited palette, but just the thing I wanted for a simple project like this one.

...and it was totally worth it! because I don't know how I've managed but my gouache cracked and it created this beautiful surfaces, something I have only dreamed of.
Although they look like they'll come off soon they're fine, not to worry for I sealed them under a coat of varnish so they should be safe for me to look at and enjoy for a looong time.

Another thing that's new in this painting/drawing is the use of 3D paints. I bought some for a paint-on-ceramics project, but they're suited for all surfaces and they were perfect for Summer as I had them in bright and metallic colours.

OK, so this is it!

For now I still have no idea about Autumn and Spring and it pretty much sucks for Summer and Winter are each on a different portfolio so I only have half-finished items to use ..or not to. Hope inspiration hits strong and soon!

gouache painted leaf
Cracked gouache and 3D paint!

gouache painted lily

gouache painted chrysanthemum

Intoxication of Summer Rain - full size
Intoxication of Summer Rain

Intoxication of Summer Rain
We can see text too!

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