On The 'I Wish I Were Invisible' Day, Always Wear Gray!

At least, that is my advice to you :)

Who here wished, besides being invisible, for an old school Poet Bear kind of drawing?


Oh My God, so many??!  No way! Me too!

And guess what? I do have an old school Poet Bear kind of drawing for you! Oh boy, do I!

Full size is the best!

And who might this be?!?

Just look at those eyes! No, srsly, look at them!


smart details

Well, the title pretty much tells the story of this drawing so I don't have to - lazy me is saved!

And for those of you who wish to comment, yes, it is not entirely old school (collage, gouache, ink, ball point pen, colored pencils and the ever loved acrylics) but the subject totally is! Amirite? You know I am ;)

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