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If you recall my comment on the Die Bremer Stadtmusikanten doodle from the last post, then the next WIDT won't surprise you at all:

Le Chanticleer - 14.12.2012

Yes, I really had to draw another one, I like it that much! It's liners on acrylics on glued clippings. It's so pretty and smart. I really like the Sun on his belly and the sprouts on his wing tips, not the mention the tail feathers ....mmmhmm! I did good :)

In other news, yesterday and today I drew again. Only this time it wasn't on paper but on ceramics.

The first item is a commissioned mug.

Tea or Coffee mug - 16.12.2012

There was really no need to re-invent the wheel here since this is an item made to order. It's for a secret Santa event so it had to be quite "standard" but funny and quirky in the same time.

I know the Caffeine molecule isn't really original (it's been done and re-done) so I had to add a twist. I  did this by adding the Theanine molecule too and the symbol for a digital logic gate that implements logical disjunction - an OR in layman terms. So the cup would somehow (with lots of imagination and knowledge!) read: Tea or Coffee.

As the centerpiece I added a play on words on the recipient's name and the company he works at, so everybody would know who the awesome mug belongs to!

The next item I drew on was a spare cup I had in my home. I usually buy this kind of containers in pairs but this one was a loner so I had to give it something to feel special.

I went for simple and cute, since le recipient was moi ...and lo and behold! it's the rooster again :)

Rooster tea cup - 17.12.2012

He's surrounded by a field of dandelions and it's raining raspberry syrup in his world. He's as cute as a button and will keep me company for many mornings to come, I do believe.

Two more things I have to add and I'll let you escape my mighty bear paws:

1) this is the 50th blog post! Hurray! 

I know it isn't much but it's a milestone for a bear like me, y'know.  I do believe there is only one update post and the other posts each represent one or more works so when I finally draw the line I'm quite happy in terms of what I've achieved.

2) how do you feel about commissioned works? Would you like to receive something more like the Tea or Coffee mug or something like the Rooster tea-cup?  Do you find it easier to enjoy something so specifically made for you or would you rather leave room for surprise?

What about receiving an illustration as a gift? Do you feel the artist's work should be something you should be acquainted to before hand or you think you could learn to enjoy and appreciate it even if you know nothing about his/her work or illustration in general?

Well I do hope to hear from you, ta tah!

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