Some three weeks ago, while taking an evening walk, on the sidewalk, thrown by a tree (!!!) I found an old notebook. Together with it there were a desk drawer and some letters.

I decided to take the notebook as its pages were blank. It is an old notebook (1987 is written on its back) with thin, yellow pages.

I never really had one (I'm quite messy when it comes to it) so I've decided to make it my (first!) sketchbook :) You know, like all proper artists have...

Given how old it is and the state it was in, the pages are not really suited for just any medium, but I try not to hold back.

Since we didn't have a proper WIDT lately, I thought I should share some of its pages with you. You will see how The Statement was born and how The Last Day of Spring originally looked like, together with the random doodles and silly things.



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